Running Highlights

X-C Nationals: Parliament Hill 2003- 2nd female. Was then asked to run for England in the Cinque Mulini X-Country race in March 2003.

Marathon Personal Best: Berlin 2006- 2hrs 46mins.

Grizzly: March 2011- 1st female; 12th overall.

Hadrian’s Wall (69miles): June 2012- 10hrs 49mins; 2nd female; 4th overall. Raised £2500 for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust fund.

Exmoor Ultra: Feb 2013- 1st female; 2nd overall.

Marathon Des Sables: March 2013- 2nd female (highest placed British female ever); 22nd overall.

The Coastal Challenge, 225km Costa Rica: Feb 2014- 29.17.19hrs; 1st female; 7th overall.

Iznik Ultra 80km, Turkey: April 2014- 6.52.17hrs; 1st female/ overall; new course record.

Comrades, South Africa; June 2014- 6hrs 47mins; 5th female.

Lakeland 50, Ultra Trail Lake District; July 2014- 8hrs 43mins; 1st female; 6th overall.

Transylvania Trail Traverse 106km, Bucegi Mountains, Romania; Sept 2014- 25hrs 55mins; Joint 1st female/ overall.

Le Grand Trail du St Jacques 70km+, Le Puy en Velay, Haute Loire, France; Sept 2014- 6hrs 6mins; 1st female; 3rd overall.

Mourne Skyline MTR, Newcastle, Northern Ireland; Oct 2014- 4hrs 30mins; 2nd female.

IAU 100km World Championships, Doha, Qatar; Nov 2014- 7hrs 43mins; 4th female; Gold for Team GB.

Everest Trail Race, Khumba region, Nepal; Nov 2015- 27hrs 20mins; 2nd female.

The North Face 50miles, San Francisco, America; Dec 2015- 7hrs 44mins; 8th female.

Transvulcania 74km, La Palma, Gran Canaria; May 2016- 9hrs 41mins; 11th female.

Langavegur 55km, Iceland; July 2016- 5hrs (CR); 1st female.

CCC 101km, Chamonix; Aug 2016- 14hrs 9mins; 2nd female; 23rd overall.

World Trail Championships, Peneda Geres, Portugal; Oct 2016- 10hrs 36mins; 7th female; Bronze for Team GB.

El Cruce 100km, Argentina: Feb 2017; 3rd female.

Translantau 100km (yeah right more like 108km!), Hong Kong; Mar 2017- 15hrs 5mins; 2nd female; 10th overall.

Wings for Life, Bratislava; April 2017- 3hrs 49mins; 54km; 1st female; 4th overall.

World Trail Championships, Badia Pratalgia, Italy; June 2017- 5hrs 31mins; 17th female.

Lavaredo 120km, Italy; June 2017- 18hrs 8mins; 9th female.

Snowdon marathon, Wales, UK; July 2017- 4hrs 10mins; 1st female.

UltraVasan 90km, Sweden; Aug 2017- 7hrs 26mins; 3rd female.

Fuxian Lake 50km, China; Sept 2017- 3hrs 49mins; 3rd female.

Geopark trail 70km, Iran; Feb 2018- 7hrs 14mins; 1st

Annecy Maxi 85km, France; May 2018- 12hrs 11mins; 5th

Mont Blanc Marathon, Chamonix; July 2018- 5hrs 14mins; 11th, 1st V40

Eiger 51, Switzerland; July 2018- 6hrs 9mins; 2nd

UTMB 170km, France/ Italy/ Switzerland; September 2018- 30hrs 16mins; 19th.

Malnad Ultra 80km, India; Oct 2018- 8hrs 15mins; 1st (2nd overall).

Vietnam Trail 70km: Feb 2019- 9hrs 27mins; 1st.

Tengri Ultra 70km, Kazahstan; May 2019- 7hrs 17mins; 3rd.

World Trails Champs 43km, Portugal; June 2019.

Olympus Ultra 71km, Greece; June 2019- 14hrs 9mins; 1st.

Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100km, Russia; July 2019- 10hrs 59mins; 1st.

Cappadocia 65km, Turkey; Oct 2019- 6hrs 22mins; 2nd




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