Comrades 2014

My overnight flight to Johannesburg saw me eating my breakfast to this awesome sunrise. 20140530-122206-44526594.jpg

My first conversation on landing was initiated by a lady complimenting me on my ‘cute and stylish haircut’- I love this country already!
I then flew to Durban where I was collected and taken to the hotel. Skyline view from the

On opening my bag….


Thank you Jon x

On Friday night I got invited to a traditional braai by Niandi, a friend, and her cousins. They were so welcoming and it was a real highlight. I sampled all the boerewors and the mieliemeel I could eat.
Saturday was spent not doing much to be honest. Although I did get to meet some great people.

The race is now over. I feel so pleased to have accomplished my goal. The whole experience is slowly sinking in.
I had to wake at 2am to meet the transport to take me to the start. Unfortunately it was late and so we got there with 10minutes to spare. It was quite stressful to think I may have missed the start. But I didn’t. I also didn’t fall over at the start which was close because of the immense push of the crowd. It was dark and we were off to the crow of a cockerel.
I was determined not to go off to fast and also to stop all my gels disappearing down my shorts as I had put them all in all sorts of places!
I can’t remember much of the route because of my racing vision but I remember the beautiful sunrise and the fantastic support of the crowds. The route was up and down and then down and up and then flat. 2km to 1km seemed to take forever.
The finish loomed and I raced in still fearing I would be overtaken. A race until the end.
I finished and had to be drugs tested. Whilst I was waiting (for hours) to wee I watched the race unfold on television. One image remains with me- it was 1 minute to go until the 9hour cut off and a woman had ‘lost’ her legs so a passing runner willingly potentially gave up his sub-9 placing and medal category to help her over the line but with seconds to spare they both made it. Goose bumps? You had to be there I guess. Another woman lost her sub-12 category to help resuscitate someone!
I walked away from the event smiling. I awoke early this morning letting everything travel through my mind. A prize winning breakfast this morning and I was to attend- yippee!



Thank you to everyone for the messages of support and congratulations.

Race day footage:


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