About me

Me as The Running Squirrel is a relatively new (now not so new- 2013) concept bought about by running with my dog, Rufus and my husband, Jon. He would chase squirrels (Rufus not Jon!) and we would chase him which made for great fartlek training. This training type and route became one of the mainstays of my (our) ultra MdS training (even without Rufus as the runs got too long and fast for his little legs).


Squirrels was a winning formula! and I foolishly mentioned that if I did well I would have to honour it with a tattoo…..so a tattoo of a squirrel is what I have…..and I love it!

Me as a runner in not a new concept. I have been running since I was about 15. I have always run long and enjoy the sense of freedom it gives you to explore.

Name : Jo Meek

Degree : Physiotherapy and now just finishing a Masters in Sports Physio (2017)

Occupation : Physiotherapist

Hobbies : Running (!), cycling, sailing, travelling

Spare time : What spare time! I always try and catch up with friends.

Favourite Food: Lasagne, salad (with my Mum’s homemade mayo) and garlic bread

Dislikes : Wasting time


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Jo, just found you through the AM sport website. Love the look of all your incredible running challenges! Also the fact that you always have a smile on your face 🙂 Was wondering if I could ask your opinion of Amsport UK – they are keen to get involved with supporting my endurance challenges with nutrition but I haven’t had the chance to properly test them out yet. Be great to hear your feedback. Thanks, Sophie

    • Hi Sophie, thank you so much for getting in touch. I am in Turkey and I have just used the gels to complete an 80km. I really think the gels are great because they use glucose and not fructose so digested straight away and I don’t get highs and lows. The bars are nice but I haven’t raced with one yet- the 6g of fat puts me off as I think that is quite high for a running race when I need instant energy/ carbs. The recovery amino acids seem to do the job. They sponsor me at cost so I still pay for the products and I think they are worth it. Hope that helps. Ask more if you need to. Kind Regards, Jo

  2. Laarni Tadeo

    Hi Jo,

    At MightyGoods we try to inspire people to do something interesting with their lives.

    You have surely done something interesting already, so I think you could inspire a lot of our readers.

    We would therefore love to ask you a few questions and feature an interview with you on our site MightyGoods, https://mightygoods.com/

    Ok if I send you a few quick questions that you can answer by email?


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