Wings for Life World Run

54km was the result of a long run down a dual carriage way/ highway in Bratislava. I could just leave it at that but the race and day was so much more than my result.

Wings for Life World Run is a charity event supporting spinal cord research. It’s organised by Red Bull and involved 24 countries around the world all starting their event at the same time. 30mins after the runners start a car starts, and gets progressively faster, and when it catches you you’re out. I got caught after 3hrs 49mins, first female in Bratislava (4th overall) but 12th female worldwide (winning woman did 68km!) and 119th overall (winning man did 92km in a regular wheelchair that was not even designed for sport: winning male runner did 88km). There were 150,000+ runners.

The race in Bratislava started by the Danube.


The air of excitement really made it feel like a bigger event than just the race I was in. I towed the line with all 3132 Slovakian finishers and set off running through the docks and around a part of the Old Town. This part of the city contains the castle:


The Castle. Rebuilt in 1953 after a fire. However, a castle has stood on this site for hundreds of years



and from up there were some great views….


The red roofs of Bratislava Old Town


The Old Town wall

Once we had crossed this bridge we headed and off out East.

I got in pace with two Austrian men and that really helped as pounded down the empty road in the hot afternoon sun. I’ve got a great SCOTT RC vest tan!

I took a 32Gi gel every 7miles and water at every available station. Weirdly it was carbonated bottled soda water which didn’t really quench my thirst but it helped. Maybe it was the heat combined with the pace but my stomach wasn’t that happy trying to digest it all. I can’t complain- why would it be? Needless to say a lot of the water belched back up!

I struggled a bit towards 40km for some reason but at 40km I thought we were losing pace so pushed on. This lasted until it rained torrentially and then my pace got a bit less consistent. That combined with my stomach having had enough by then. Then at 50km the two Austrian chaps caught me back up and it was great to have company for the last 4km or so.

Stefan & Markus- great runners!

At the end I got returned to the start where there was a big screen showing all the runners still going.

Incredible feats of speed endurance!

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