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A Numb Bum

I sit here this morning not being sick and feeling like I can manage a cup of tea finally. I have had some sort of gastro bug which made me bed ridden for 48hrs and finally stopped me in my tracks. That may not seem so bad but 2 weeks ago I got a viral bug which took a week or so to go. The kind with the aching bones and the thick green sputum but the kind you can also still work through. Again perhaps you may say well that is just winter for you but a month before that I was ill for 2 weeks with another viral fluey bug and again worked on through it. It seems I have the immune system of a gnat! So as I lie in bed drinking the most lovely cup of tea I decide to reflect on what I’ve been up to.

Training: I have been back running after the Everest Trail Race (ETR) and was getting in some hard sessions to work on some speed. I had a long time off after the ETR to rest, recover from the infamous Nepalese chest infection and enjoy some time with friends and family. My first ultra is not until May 7th in Transvulcania so I do not need to get into ultra training just yet and so entered Bath half marathon to give me some focus in the winter. This time last year I was injured and this means running will never be taken for granted!

Exam Stress: I have revised and revised for an up and coming APPI Pilates Level 3 Instructor exam which I had in London 2 weeks ago. Every morning when I walked the dog I rehearsed the exercises in my head and then at the weekends practised them. If anyone saw me they probably wondered what I was doing when my arm occasionally shot up in the air or a leg moved out to the side as I tried to execute the moves on the move! It is nice now to be able to walk the dog and just enjoy the walk and keep my hands warm not holding revision notes!

Job Application and Interview Nerves: As you know I’m a physiotherapist and I saw advertised on the English Institute of Sports (EIS) website a post for adhoc contractors. It was work that I could potentially fit in around my MOD Military work and help those elite athletes going to Rio for the Olympics- what a fantastic opportunity and I could not resist it. Working for the EIS is a sports physio’s dream and would certainly make me proud. I spent a good few days on my covering letter and CV and then submitted it. I got called for an interview in Bath. It was great news but bad timing on the illness front. I had got the viral bug the day before and had left work early to sleep. I slept in the afternoon, 11hrs in the night and then on waking got up and walked the dog but felt so awful went back to bed for an hour before driving to the interview!

Sports Physiotherapy Masters: Last September I started this Masters course at the University of Bath. So ongoing this has been rumbling along too. I say rumbling but perhaps I should say grumbling because that’s what I’ve been doing when I try to start an assignment and really can’t get my head around it. My poor husband, Jon has to listen to me all upset and stressed and even the dog cowered at times. I have spent time at my desk resulting in an often numb bum. I am always willing to work hard but I am not in anyway an academic. As my brother once said my head is full of ‘stuff o’ nonsense’!

It takes illness to make me reflect it seems. The gastro bug descended on me after a weekend of relative relaxation which I knew I needed after the stress of the exam, the interview and the most recent Masters assignment.

I work and I run and as I get older I need time to recover too. I had taken on becoming a Pilates Instructor and passed (yes!), I am studying for a Masters, and I had applied and successfully got the EIS contractor post (an even bigger yes!). I have all this enthusiasm for doing what I love and so had taken on too much and paid the price by succumbing to being ill. This last bout of illness has to be looked on positively- I’ve taken time to read, reflect and sleep in the past 48hrs which is exactly what I needed when on the daily routine of taking on too much. I like to think I’ve learnt now not to take on too much but it’s hard to find the balance.

When you see the Bath half marathon results remember I will just be so pleased to have made it to the start line as this time last year I was injured and could not race. Remind me when I’m inevitably disappointed with my time that I have not actually fitted in the best in consistent training but have achieved some other great stuff along the way.


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