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Racing again at last

Amidst the hardest few weeks of training I am taking the time to reflect on where I have come since my injury. After overcooking it I was forced to rest for 6 months. I then took 5 months to build up to where I am now- slowly and progressively.

In the back of my mind since back running I’ve always been training for the Everest Trail Race (ETR). Jon and I had entered (Team Squirrel!) and made a sacrifice to do so by selling our VW Camper van (sad face) so I was determined to make it.

As part of the build up we did 3 days on the GR20 in Corsica which being technical and cold took me out of my comfort zone…..check out these crap descending skills!!

IMG_5987   IMG_5986   IMG_5985

However, we survived the trip running about 50miles out there.


Cold and wet so happy to be at Refuge Bavella

We got back on the Friday and on the Sunday I was about to compete in my first race of the year- the Clarendon Way marathon. Great conditions and a beautiful off road (runnable- phew!) course and to top it all I won in 3hrs 8minutes.

Clarendon Way Marathon- in action    Clarendon Way

After that I focused firmly of getting ready for the ETR. With the help of  Sporting Edge and their simulated altitude machines I have been putting in some hours on the treadmill running at 25oo+m.

It took some getting used to and hopefully it will help. I don’t want to go all the way to Nepal only to find out I can’t acclimatise. I realise it’s very variable each and every time but I thought this might help.

Sporting Edge

To make it an interesting case study I will have been VO2max tested pre and post using the altitude equipment to see if there are any physiological changes despite not using it everyday.

Apart from running I also have been doing lots of strength training.

And although I have no proof as of yet I can actually do 5 pull ups with this puny arms!

So the ETR is 3 weeks away and we are beginning to pack. Thank you to PHD Sleeping bags and Mountaineering Clothing for the sleeping bag and I’m sure the mitts and boots purchase will make the world of difference. I’ve gone for the whole warm shebang with that and the SCOTT Insuloft Down Jacket. I now need to get some poles. The practise of them will have to be whilst racing- any hints and tips more than welcome as I’ll be a novice with them.

Training has been fully supported and in partnership with SCOTT running,  Hectic Hamster, 32 Gi Nutrition, Bounce Balls Energy and Rocktape. THANK YOU.







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