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Big Smile

A big smile because I am back to running. 6months off wasn’t so bad was it? Hell yes! but I realise now it was inevitable and non-optional. Progress back as been cautious and very sensibly gradual. As my husband, Jon raced around the UTMB I strung my first full week of training together without any problems (mind you if Jon could do such an incredibly hard event and remain in one piece the least I could was proudly support him before, during and after which definitely required remaining in one piece). I guess the beauty of running in the mountains for me is that I had no option but to run slowly and without pace/ speed I was less likely to get injured.

However, three things happened this weekend on my Saturday run to make me realise I really was back into training as these things only tend to happen when I’m running.

  1. I got caught having a quick wee in our local woods by another early morning runner.
  2. A bus accelerated past me and the puddle it went through absolutely covered me.
  3. I was enjoying the luxury of a bath and mud- face mask after the run and the door bell rung. Everyone was apparently too busy to answer it so I had to present myself in a towel with bubbles still on my feet and shoulder and a mud pack on my face to the shock of the postman!

I am now back running on consecutive days but it’s taken me 3months. My injury was because I have essentially over cooked it and as a result my body was going to find any excuse to get me to stop and so my knee pain was a bit of an anomaly and essentially just a time game but once paid my penance it should not come back….I run in fear though I must admit. Every run to be enjoyed. I have been in the position where I’ve been allowed to take my time or rather not rush the natural loading process.  All my sponsors have been really supportive and I can’t thank them enough so they definitely are worthy of a mention and a big THANK YOU- Scott Running ,Get In The Mood coffee, Bounce Balls, 32Gi Sports Nutrition and Rocktape.

My next race is the Everest Trail Race, in Nepal which I am training for with the help of Sporting Edge.


I want to be fit and also to be ready for such an epic race. Jon and I have invested a lot into being able to go (the sale of our camper van- sad face!) and we would hate to get out there and not be prepared for such an environment. I am to be a case study for the Simulated Altitude Training Company so they can collect my training data in order to see my physiological, and my perceptional, benefits to promote their systems to other athletes. I have to do a VO2max test pre and post using the altitude system for one month. I did a VO2max last month and…well…I have zero inherent talent in me so the less said about the test the better as training required! I have to combine using the the altitude system when sleeping and also when running (obviously not at the same time!) so just working out the logistics of that now.

The next 7 weeks will be spent  steadily building miles and preparing kit…warm kit!

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