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Mad, sad and bad

That has been me for the past 3 months. After 2014 and my incredible year I had some time off running. I can only assume this was a mistake and ticking over would have been a better option because I have not been able to get back to it. Injuries are mind-blowing and I feel mind blown over and over again as I fall on raised hopes that tomorrow will be a better day (in terms of running- obviously there is more to life than running….ummm?!). My injury is not serious but it won’t settle. I have rested (yes properly) and still it persists. Being injured is tougher than any ultra race because ultimately it is an unknown entity- one doesn’t know what one has taken on- and it certainly wasn’t voluntary. I did not pay a fee and willingly sign up to this.

This blog has taken me weeks to start for two reasons. Firstly it meant acknowledging I was injured which means to all those who understand that depression instantly sets in! Secondly my arms are so tired from all the swimming I’ve been doing typing has been taxing!

Being injured certainly provides spare time. Spare time not running and racing that needs filling (but not browsing Facebook as everyone is running…or so it seems!). Cross training certainly helps but it lacks structure and does not really provide the same rhythm and routine that running does. The lack of endorphins takes its toll- moody and unsatisfied. But on the plus side my house has never been so clean and my spice jars in their rack….immaculately labelled!

This dissatisfaction strays into other aspects of my life as my identification, as a runner, has gone. It means you lose sight of the fact there is always more to life than running and racing and there really is. I mean… my poor husband for putting up with me and having to creep out of the house whenever he wanted to go of a run (thank you Jon for being such a star); our poor dog, Rufus, for enduring the extra long dog walks; and my poor liver for the extra wine consumed.

I have been awful but everyone around me has been amazing. My husband listens; my family and friends offers supportive words; Rufus offers extra licks (!); my sponsors have all let me know they will stick by me. I’m so grateful and lucky and it has certainly made the journey a lot more bearable by taking the pressure off. Talking (and putting the world to rights) helps- thanks Holly Rush.

So I’ve stopped being mad and sad and am now trying to get back on track. After knocking on a few doors I have a great Doctor (Dr Jeff Foster), Physio (Andy Walling) and sports massage therapist (Ben Cowling, Ageas Bowl) helping me out and that has been crucial.

It’s always good to share the good times and the great results but also the downs need to be acknowledged. Being injured is tough but should not be a lonely journey.





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