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A new day tomorrow (after Mont Blanc Marathon)

The day has been a long one. I got up at 5am and am flying at 10pm. I got up at 5 to compete in the Mont Blanc marathon- the 2014 Skyrunning World Championships- but compete I didn’t. About 9km into the race I sprained my ankle and fell over. I got jumped over by the woman behind me- racing is a dog eat dog world but I can understand that. I ran on really hoping it would wear off but it didn’t and the awful decision to drop out was made for me.
Well done to those who finished. It was fast and furious racing in torrid conditions.
Race over, I was cold and wet and desperately trying to get a ride back to the start. No one is interested in a drop out. It’s a lonely world. However I was rescued by an English couple from Leeds who paid for a bus ticket for me back to Chamonix- thank you again so much.
I then hobbled to the first aid tent for ice and a clean up of bashed bits, hobbled to collect my kit back and hobbled to find my luggage. The latter was a disaster- we’d had to leave our bags under the podium gantry as we got kicked out of our hotel this morning and it rained so heavily all the contents got soaked. Putting on wet jeans and pants is never pleasant.
This just nicely summed up a weekend that was not destined to go well.
On arriving at our hotel Jon and I discovered it was 15minute walk and 30minute train ride away from Chamonix. Nicely recommended to us after asking around too. We duly made the trips in and out to collect my race bib and meet the Scott team. On race day, the train didn’t run that early, so we booked a cab as no one was available to help us.
Chamonix is a fantastic place (beautiful place filled with beautiful people) but one needs to be in the know to truly benefit. Know the place and know people who know. Next time I’ll know!
Running is like life- a journey to be enjoyed taking the downs with the ups, learning and moving on. See you tomorrow…hobbling along!

Bruising emerging

Bruising emerging

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