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Valencia Marathon

Valencia marathon was not a race that I was able to prepare well for. I had, however, entered and so race it I would. I had not been been able to run consistently because of a calf niggle for  weeks previous to the race and then the week before I got D&V. However, it was to be my last big race of the year and having previously entered two years ago but not completed (injuries!) it was a definite date this year. The day was glorious. Sunny at about 15degrees and I got to wear my sunglasses for the final time before Winter fully arrives. I breakfasted on porridge and a some Angry Squirrel Coffee for energy and alertness respectively. Walked to the start, battled the crowds to hand in my bag and lined up with 19,000 other runners. Image

The race was excellently organised and the course took us all around a lovely city. I didn’t know what to expect because I’d had no real training indicators regarding performance but I wanted to run my best. I raced with the help of AMSPORT gels which were new to me but worked at absolute treat energy release was consistent, no stomach problems and they tasted great. My race was consistent and I finished in 2hrs 51mins. I know there’s a faster marathon in me but for today I was pleased with what I produced. Enjoying the journey…


Fighting to the finish….Image

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